Smart & Sexy Podcast Launch 

Are you ready to create a Smart and Sexy podcast?

Podcasting isn't just speaking into a microphone and publishing episodes with the hope our shows will get discovered. Podcasting requires researching, planning, and learning new skills.

Even if your goal is only to make podcasting your hobby, if you want to be doing this in the long run, because, why wouldn't you?! Steps like finding your ideal listener, doing market research, planning your content according to the pain points of your niche audience, developing a strong brand for your show, and having a strong social media presence, can really make a difference in the growth and success of your podcast.

This 6 week course is designed to hold you accountable, while providing a fun step-by-step framework that will have you coming out of the gates with a professional podcast that you can maintain. 

Each week, you'll complete a module, with video lessons, checklists, templates, and supplemental PDF guides. 

Although you gain lifetime access to the course, and can take it at your own pace, we will encourage you and keep you on track.  

This is going to be such an amazing course and we're so excited to help you launch a podcast that gets heard.  

Registration opens up SUMMER 2020.  If you want to reserve your spot, with no obligation, sign up for the waiting list and for being interested early, you'll get 10% off the course. 


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Save yourself years of trial and error.  Do it right from the start. 

Smart and Sexy Podcast Launch is designed for those who are ready to to dedicate the time and effort to create a meaningful and great sounding podcast.

🌟Six modules designed to be fun, but also to hold you accountable.  

🌟Private facebook group with LIVE weekly support webinars and Q&As.

🌟Supplemental PDFs, worksheets, checklists, templates, and presets.  

🌟Bonus:  After Launch Module.


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Created by the Pod Sound School

Your Instructors:

Veronica and Studio Steve

Reserve Your Spot & Earn 10% OFF

It's important for us to provide an incredible experience for each of our students.  For this reason we are limiting the class size.  Sign up for the waiting list and secure your spot.  It's FREE.  

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