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Coming January 2024

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Starting a podcast with the Pod Sound School means more than just hitting ‘record.’

It's about being smart, using the right tech tools, striking a balance between ease and efficiency, and achieving the best buttery and delicious sound for your pod. 

It's about the sound of your voice in the microphone sharing a powerful message right into your listeners' ears. 

We help you create a show that’s as smart and appealing as you are!


Smart & Sexy Podcasting 

By the Pod Sound School, 

is a six-week group coaching experience where we, the Pod Sound School, and your cohorts will work closely and become part of your podcast production team, helping you design, plan, produce, and launch a show that will create a memorable audio experience connecting with an audience. 

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 Together, we’ll dive into the essentials of content marketing and podcast creation, no matter where you're starting from. We'll take a good look at your current branding and guide you on how to weave your new podcast into your existing brand or lay the foundation for a brand-new one with your podcast at the forefront.


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