When is the Perfect Time to Start a Podcast

We're all stuck at home for a little while. Some of us with kids, some of us might be realizing the people in our house are more annoying than we remembered. Social distancing is also an easy time to get down or feel uncertain or bored. It seems more than ever we're turning to our electronic devices to keep us entertained, and many people who have never listened to podcasts are trying them out for the first time. We're diving into audiobooks, podcast episodes, and tv episodes that we've had in our queue forever. We're turning to online classes, Facetiming, and virtual hangouts as a way to stay connected. But what if instead of consuming content during this time, we tap into our creativity and create our own.

Right now, the need to stay connected and informed makes this the perfect time to start a podcast. Starting a podcast is a lot of fun and a great way to stay connected with family, friends, or co-workers in a positive, meaningful, and creative way.

I have experienced first hand the benefits of having a podcast. Thanks to my podcast, I have been able to make connections, expand my level of expertise, find clients, and fulfill my goal of having my own business. I've also seen the benefits of podcasting in my clients. Having a podcast has allowed them to grow their communities and connect with their audience (potential clients) in a more intimate way.

 How cool would it be, after all this chaos is over, and we go back to our lives, that instead of having caught up on a TV Series or binge-watched five shows on Netflix, or mindlessly scrolled through our social feeds until our eyes hurt, instead, we come out of this with a podcast?

Let's Tackle Some of the Insecurities Holding us Back 

Starting a podcast may seem overwhelming. You may worry about having to learn the recording equipment and software, or whether or not people would be interested in listening to your show. There is also confusion about how one publishes a podcast to the major podcast directories and apps. You may even be thinking that you don't have the confidence to talk behind the microphone or that you don't know what to say. Let's get into action and stuff those insecurities in a sack. There is nobody like you. Nobody else has your story, your background, or your unique voice. Although having strong branding and social media presence, along with a launch strategy, can position you and your podcast to the top faster, you can start at your own pace and grow as you go along.

Also, embrace those things that set you apart. There hasn't been a better time to be yourself, share your message, and your story. We spend way to much time worrying about whether we're good enough or what people think. The sad thing about this is, that while we stand idle in our insecurities, our audience is waiting for us to inspire them with stories, entertain them with our banter and humor, and educate them and guide with our knowledge. Don't hold yourself back from the world any longer. Stop making excuses. Just get started with your podcast. You'll be glad you did!






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