Start your Podcast in 2020

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2020

I don’t know about you, but now that I’ve had a little bit of time to settle in with this lockdown and after the initial hit of all this madness, I’m trying to focus on more positive and hopeful ideas.

I’m hearing so many uplifting stories about people using this opportunity to make significant changes, to take projects off the back burner, to have conversations they’ve been postponing, or to make connections that they’ve meant to.

Right now is, for sure, the time to be connected and to collectively stay strong. But what if instead of scrolling through our social media feeds and opening the door to the hysteria, or spiraling into self-isolation and depression, we look inward and use this time to take inventory of our skills and strengths, and why not, start a new project.

It is time to get in touch with our inner child and be dreamers, creatives, optimists, and visionaries. It is time to reevaluate our purpose and our goals. It is the perfect...

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When is the Perfect Time to Start a Podcast

We're all stuck at home for a little while. Some of us with kids, some of us might be realizing the people in our house are more annoying than we remembered. Social distancing is also an easy time to get down or feel uncertain or bored. It seems more than ever we're turning to our electronic devices to keep us entertained, and many people who have never listened to podcasts are trying them out for the first time. We're diving into audiobooks, podcast episodes, and tv episodes that we've had in our queue forever. We're turning to online classes, Facetiming, and virtual hangouts as a way to stay connected. But what if instead of consuming content during this time, we tap into our creativity and create our own.

Right now, the need to stay connected and informed makes this the perfect time to start a podcast. Starting a podcast is a lot of fun and a great way to stay connected with family, friends, or co-workers in a positive, meaningful, and creative way.

I have experienced first hand...

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